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Actor * Filmmaker * Photographer


Born and raised in Québec, Canada, my passion for art, opposites, metaphors and pushing boundaries began at a very young age thanks to my mother's incredibly versatile creative talents and my father's determination to never quit.


I began studying acting as a child and attended both St-Hyacinthe College and John Abbott College's Theater Programs near Montreal before relocating to Los Angeles to study at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts; graduating with an invitation to join their repertory theater.


As I embarked on my career, I continued to expand my studies in between projects and became a member of Playhouse West. This was my first exposure to Sandford Meisner's technique which deeply resonated with me. After four years, I moved to San Francisco to complete my training at The Meisner Technique Studio with Jim Jarrett; Sanford Meisner's last protégé. Graduating The Meisner Technique Studio was a turning point in my creative journey, helping me reach my longtime goal to write, direct and produce. 


Developing my own projects led to the production of the pilot for the series AfterHours which I also wrote the first 33 short-form episodes for, and later to the creation of my production company, Entity Media Entertainment. In the last few years, I have also written two features and nine short films. 


While acting was part of my upbringing, I developed my voice as a director through the years working in the industry. What began as curiosity has become a vivid passion and the art form that truly represents me the best today. 

This site focuses on my acting, directing and photography work. My main passion above all is collaboration, and I'm always thrilled to explore new opportunities. Don't hesitate to reach out. Who knows what we could create next!

Awards & Nominations:

Women Filmmaker Award - The Agent - Best Shorts 2020

Best Actress Nomination -  AfterHours - Sanford Meisner FF 2015

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